This is Wendy Kochenthal

Wendy KochenthalWendy Kochenthal lived in New York City as a child and young adult, fled to the Maine woods and ocean and now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Spirit, intuition and life experience – knowing the depths of grief and the soaring of joy – are the backbone of her poems. She has explored the tools of craft and studied writing with various teaching poets in the U.N.C Asheville   Great Smokies Writing Program. Playing with words, ideas and feelings while creating poems and crafting clay pots are her passions – which clarify her understanding of life.

“I am a potter and a poet – painting my feelings around spinning pots, carving my inner spaces into wet clay, writing my deep truth in poetry and most important, learning how to play.”

Wendy self published her first book of poetry, In Love with Words and Clay and a chapbook, Journey Down Under (New Zealand).

Wendy Kochenthal received her B.A. in painting and printmaking, from Bennington College and a certificate in early childhood education from Bank Street College of Education in N.Y.C.